As more than 80% of cyberattacks are caused by human failure, the NIS2 Directive states that "Cybersecurity risk-management measures should provide for systemic analysis, taking into account the human factor" (Article no. 78).

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Cyber protection - 22 January 2024

Executives' physical security must include the personal sphere

Executive Committee members are 12 times more targeted by cyber-attacks ...

Data leak - 12 January 2024

The circle of data leaks

At the root of an attack, and potentially a data leak, is likely to be ...

Human cyber risks - 9 January 2024

Human and technological cyber risks

The culture of risk analysis extends as much to the most technical ...

Cyber Psychology - 8 January 2024

Is the locus of control responsible for our security behaviors?

Organizations fail to protect their assets because they rely mainly, if ...


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Human cyber risks - 4 January 2024

How a company can be impacted by its employees' digital footprint

Every time we do something on the Internet, we leave traces. We sow a ...